Animation principles
Launch film
Logo animation
Houseful is a British residential property software, data, and insight company based in London, England. Houseful encompasses brands such as Zoopla, Prime Location, Mojo Mortgages, and Hometrack, and is uniquely positioned to innovate and reinvent the industry.
The project involved animating core brand assets, defining animation principles, and creating the launch animation. The centerpiece is a one-minute video introducing the fresh new brand, Houseful.
Studio Edgar worked alongside Gabriel Weichert, Richard Coldicott and a fantastic team within Zoopla Property Group, including Will Southward, who led the creative direction. 

Collision Awards
Motion system
Logo animation
Promotional video
This 15-second promotional video for Collision Festival 2024 showcases dynamic graphical patterns and animated titles. Inspired by the primary logo's design, we've crafted unique patterns for each category. These patterns seamlessly transition between categories, both as a cohesive sequence and individual loops, effectively highlighting each aspect of the festival. Moreover, each pattern animation serves as a captivating standalone short video loop, enhancing the festival's promotional content. Additionally, the video integrates motion for branding assets like the logo and typography, ensuring a cohesive and engaging visual experience throughout.

Kinetic Typography
2D animation video
Specsavers is a leading British optical retail chain offering a wide range of eye care services and products, known for its affordability, extensive selection of eyewear, and commitment to professional eye care. 
Our dynamic 2D animation for Specsavers aims to raise awareness about presbyopia, featuring playful kinetic text to engage and inform viewers across social media channels and YouTube. Key elements include the use of the distinctive Specsavers typeface for brand consistency, while crafting animations in various formats and lengths ensures optimal performance and viewer engagement across different platforms.

Polkadot Decoded
2D Animation
Polkadot is a leading blockchain platform and cryptocurrency. Its premier global event, Polkadot Decoded, is set to be a dynamic festival celebrating every aspect of Polkadot with a blend of in-person and virtual experiences, featuring multiple stages, networking areas, and more.

To promote the event, Studio Edgar created a 30-second animation, managing the entire process from storyboard to final product. They collaborated closely with Parity Technologies at every stage to ensure alignment and quality.

The event’s branding toolkit was developed by the creative agency Lively.

Ludo Sans typeface
LudoSans is a handcrafted sans serif typeface.

Using the Strata-Cut technique, the characters move and change in colour and pattern bringing a level of playfulness and fun, that is unique to the process.
Strata-Cut is a form of stop-motion animation invented in the 20s
and 30s by Oskar Fischinger, refined in the 80s by David Daniels.
In this instance, the typeface is modelled out of multicoloured strands of plasticine
into a long length of ‘loaf’ that is sliced very thinly. Each slice is recorded by the camera, and when the frames play sequentially, the type forms organically evolve.
This project is a collaboration with Janina Sitzmann.

Google Wear OS
Live-action video & stills
In close collaboration with the Hornet team, this vibrant 
day-in-the-life spot was created for Google.
The focus was on the craft, as seen through the symmetry of the hand-crafted sets and elaborate color schemes of each scene. Each set was built on a continuous track and slid in and out of frame by hand. The resulting spot is a beautifully organic and clean piece.